Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day at Bardwell

I continue to stuggle with the archaic interface of blogger, but here are pictures of our day at Bardwell. Oh what fun it was to ride in a two-person open tube!

Katie, otherwise known as Magoo, and Julie whooping it up

Drew and I bouncing around to songs we made up as we went

Dustin showing us one way NOT to get back on the boat, haha

Jacob is supervising the tubing activity of his cousin and brother

So this was supposed to be a Nestea plunge, but someone chickened out. The water was great!

Jacob and Julie sittin in a tube, the little one's not at all a boob!

Some tubing is safer when the tube is parked :>)

Drew, like his cousin Dustin, have similar aversions to being photographed in any kind of relaxed and normal settings, always the ham...

Finally, King Jacob smiles his approval on the events of the day, particularly the food. This guy can EAT! He's gonna be a whopper!


Julie said...

Aww, what a fun day! You definitely need to send me pics!! They may appear on MY blog as well :-).
Love ya!

Amber Larsen said...

looks like you guys had fun! so jealous, i haven't been to the lake once this summer.

Clint, Marianne, Sage and Charlotte said...

FUN! The lake looks so inviting.

Katherine and Brad said...

haha jacob is SOOO CUTE! he has gotten so big. i wish we could of been there!!